About us

Consisting of an army of around 100+ well trained – well equipped life insurance professional agents who is ready to extend insurance advise, coverage and service at each and every part of the world. By breaking own records every year, they are proving their efficiency , ability and reliability in this industry regularly under the strong leadership of Mr. T G Subhash – well known name in life insurance industry. This unit is creating history every year since 1992. More than 50000 policy holders and satisfied customers are always in touch with TGS UNIT. This unit is specialized in Pension products (Annuity), Health insurance, Onetime payment policies(Single premium),Children education/marriage and tax saving plans.

Top Producers and Leading Advisers

Amala P
Shobha kumary
Meenakumary K
A Sudeepan
V Sethunath
Ajayakumar J
Antony V
P G Pushpan
Gireeshkumar P B
Sunil G
P C Sudhakaran Pillai
Saji kumar S
Bindhu S Pillai
Ambika L
Eugin Michel
Geetha C N
Jayachandran S
Jaya Y
Jolly Mathew
Kala L
Laila Thomas
Litty A
Mala Mol
Najeema E
Nazeer S
Nazimudeen E P
Prameela P
Vinodkumar R
Shoukathali A
Shyamala K
Silijarani L
Sini O C
Sreelakshmy R
Susamma O
U Dileepkumar
Reghunathan Pillai
Saritha R
Prasanna Kumar C K
Sunil A
Suresh kumar E V
Sobhanakumari G
Gangadharan C R
Lalitha Pathrose
Ramachandran G
Jessil Thomas
Latha Anand
Sulaja S
Surekha S R
Bindhu Rajendran
Rajesh G